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Benchmarking framework for data grids and distributed caches

Example configurations

Following benchmark configuration files can be found in /conf folder of built project.

benchmark-aggregation-query.xml - Shows correct usage of query extension on Infinispan 9.0

benchmark-analysis.xml - Shows how to analyze results of a stage and then re-use the results in another stage/store them to results via analyze-test and add-result stages

benchmark-coherence-hazelcast.xml - Shows how to run comparative analysis of three products (Coherence, Hazelcast and Infinispan)

benchmark-combined-report.xml - Shows how to property handle combining different tests

benchmark-condition.xml - Shows how to use conditions in the repeat stage

benchmark-continuous-query.xml - Shows how to call continuous queries using continuous-query stage

benchmark-dist-custom-vars.xml - Shows how to define custom properties through define stage

benchmark-distexec.xml - Shows how to call java.util.concurrent.Callable implementations via distributed-task stage

benchmark-dist.xml - Shows the most basic benchmark on multiple clusters and configurations.

benchmark-hazelcast-server.xml - Shows performance test for Hazelcast client/server configuration

benchmark-hotrod-rest-memcached.xml - Shows performance testing for same-server/different-client configurations

benchmark-hotrod-spark-mapreduce.xml - Shows how to benchmark MapReduce operations on Infinispan coupled with Spark

benchmark-hotrod-streaming.xml - Shows how to compare memory usage on Infinispan clients using and not using Streaming API

benchmark-iteration.xml - Shows how to use iterate stage to iterate over all entries in the cache

benchmark-jcache.xml - Shows how to configure comparative benchmark on two products over JCache

benchmark-jgroups.xml - Shows how to execute JGroups probe queries using j-groups-probe stage

benchmark-mapreduce.xml - Shows how to execute mapReduce operations using map-reduce stage

benchmark-query.xml - Shows how to load values from dictionary and then query them using query extension

benchmark-redis.xml - Shows how to setup a performance test for Redis

Environment variables:

benchmark-rest-cs-tomcat.xml - Shows how to call REST operation on web server using rest-operations-test stage

benchmark-stream.xml - Shows how to execute distributed stream tasks via stream stage

benchmark-xsite-jmx.xml - Shows how to invoke JMX-exposed methods via jmx-invocation stage and how to test cross-site replication via xs-repl-check stage

benchmark-xsite-repl.xml - Shows hot to test cross-site replication via xs-repl-check stage