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Benchmarking framework for data grids and distributed caches

Key generators

Key generators generate key in the specified form based on input from key selector. There are two main purposes for picking specific key generator, to provide target application with key in appropriate format or to provide it with key in specific format in order to test behaviour for that specific set of keys.

Where applicable default key generator can be overriden by placing following element into stages core element:



Generator name Generator element name Description
ByteArrayKeyGenerator byte-array-key Generates byte-array keys
CargoKeyGenerator cargo Generates key objects with the 8-byte index and random byte-array of configurable length (identical for all keys)
CustomKeyGenerator custom Creates keys of specified class, using single long arg constructor
ObjectKeyGenerator object Generates externalizable keys wrapping long identifier of the key
PluginSpecificKeyGenerator plugin-specific Wraps key generator that is specific to current plugin
StringKeyGenerator string Generates strings with configurable format
TimestampKeyGenerator timestamp Creates key with provided long as an actual key and additional timestamp when key was created