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Benchmarking framework for data grids and distributed caches

Value generators

Value generators generate random values of specific format that are to be later inserted into target application. Certain stages can only be used with specific Value generators and vice versa, refer to comments below.

Where applicable default value generator can be overriden by placing following element into stages core element:



Generator name Generator element name Description
BooleanValueGenerator bool Generates random boolean values
ByteArrayValueGenerator byte-array Generates random byte arrays
CacheAwareTextGenerator cache-aware-text Generates values containing specified cache name
ComposedObjectGenerator composed Creates composed values (containing numeric and text values)
DateValueGenerator date Generates random Date values
IntegerValueGenerator integer Generates random Integers
JpaValueGenerator jpa Instantiates JPA entities. The constructor for the entities must match to the generateValue() method
ManyIntegersObjectGenerator many-integers Generates objects with specified number of random integers (specific for query extension)
NumberObjectGenerator number-object Generates specific objects containing random integer and double value within set limits (specific for query extension)
RandomStreamGenerator randomStream Generates stream of random data, (specific to stream operation benchmarking)
WrappedArrayValueGenerator wrapped-array Generates random byte array wrapped in object that correctly implements equals() and hashCode()
SentenceGenerator sentence Generates text-objects with string from randomly picked words
SingleWordGenerator single-word Generates text-objects with single randomly picked word
WordInHaystackGenerator word-in-haystack Generates text-objects with string with single randomly picked word surrounded by another characters