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Benchmarking framework for data grids and distributed caches

Coherence plugin setup

Installing Coherence in your local Maven repository

  1. You need to compile from scratch in order to enable coherence support. Follow the steps from Building Binaries first.
  2. Go to Coherence Download and download Coherence locally. You'll have to accept the OTN license agreement first.
  3. Before the download starts, you'll be asked for your oracle account. If you don't have one follow the sign-up link and create one.
  4. Unzip the archive and install Coherence in your local Maven repository:

Steps to install Coherence

$ unzip
  $ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=coherence/lib/coherence.jar  -DartifactId=coherence -Dversion=3.5 -Dpackaging=jar
  $ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=coherence/lib/commonj.jar  -DartifactId=coherence-common -Dversion=3.5 -Dpackaging=jar
  $ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=coherence/lib/tangosol.jar  -DartifactId=tangosol -Dversion=3.5 -Dpackaging=jar

Building the Radargun distribution with the Coherence plugin

This is all encapsulated in a Maven profile titled coherence. Note that this profile is disabled by default. To enable it, use Maven's -P switch. For example, the following command will build the entire framework and all plugins, including the Coherence plugin.

$ mvn clean install -Pcoherence

Verify installation

Ensure that target/distribution/RadarGun-X.Y.Z/plugins contains a directory named coherence3